This Substack contains the serial publication of Omnibus, a hybrid, book-length work of memoir, short fiction, letters, and ephemera.

I’m Benjamin Obler. My first poetry book came out in first grade. I published a letter in Guitar Player magazine when I was 6th grade, and I haven’t looked back.

I’ve worked for small presses, magazines, and educational publishers and since 2014 as a freelance writer, editor, and consultant/coach. My first novel was published with Penguin Books UK in 2009, and my last has not been published yet. Short stories in journals—check. In 2015, I won the short fiction contest with the journal Puerto Del Sol. My essays are in Long Reads, Electric Literature, the London Guardian, and the London Times.

I teach writing with Gotham Writers Workshop. I live in New York, play tennis, and am currently watching every episode of Colombo in order.

I do not plan to make my content pay-to-read, but donations are welcome. Thank you.


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serial publication of a book-length work blending fiction and memoir


Benjamin Obler

In time I will say things about myself, but only when I'm ready and not before then.